Sunday, 29 May 2016

Office 365 Sign in page branding

Today we are adding two Identity and Access Management features to the Office 365 subscription, which were previously only available with an additional Azure Active Directory (AD) Basic, Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium, or Enterprise Mobility Suite subscription. The new features are the Sign in page and Access Panel company branding and cloud user self-service password reset. These two new features are beginning to roll out for Office 365 customers starting today.

Simple sign up for Azure AD > got to AD> configuring > Branding

 he first feature is company branding for the Sign in page and the Azure AD Access Panel, where users select a software as a service (SaaS) application to sign in to. Now, Office 365 customers can customize the Sign in page and Access Panel with the text, color and images of their choosing. This is in addition to the Office 365 tenant branding that can be used to apply custom text, color and images for the Office 365 service as shown after the user is signed in.

Once you have configured custom sign in branding, your users will see the branded Sign in page after they have entered their User Principal Name (UPN), which includes your domain name. You can show an initial branded page by using the WHR parameter on the Sign in page URL. Simply replace “” with your domain name in the URL below and the initial page will include your customizations.


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