Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Discontinued and deemphasized features in Exchange Server 2016

Although Exchange Server 2016 includes several new features and functionalities, some features are discontinued or de-emphasized because they are replaced with appropriate new technologies.
The following Exchange Server 2010 features are discontinued:

  • ·        The Unified Messaging server role, which is replaced by Unified Messaging services running on the Mailbox server role
  • ·        The Hub Transport server role, which is now replaced by transport services
  • ·        Exchange Management Console and Exchange Control Panel
  • ·        Support for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and RPC over TCP client access
  • ·        Outlook Web App no longer offers built-in spell check. Instead, spell check now works in the web browsers.
  • ·        Outlook Web App no longer supports custom date on a message flag and customizable filtered views.
  • ·        Anti-spam agent management in the Exchange Management Console
  • ·        Managed folders, which are replaced with retention policies
  • The following Exchange Server 2013 features are discontinued in Exchange Server 2016:
  • ·        The Client Access server role, which is now integrated with the Mailbox server role.
  • ·        The MAPI over CDO library, which is replaced by Exchange Web Services, Exchange ActiveSync, and representational state transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • The following features are deemphasized, which means that they will not be used in future Exchange Server versions:
  • ·        RPC over HTTP, because it is being replaced with MAPI over HTTP
  • ·        Database availability group support for failover cluster administrative access points
  • ·        ThirdPartyReplication parameter on the Database availability group

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