Friday, 5 May 2017

Gathering business requirements for an Exchange Server 2016 deployment

Organizations invest in technology to solve business problems, better support their business, enhance productivity, or provide new opportunities. Business requirements typically dictate reasons for an organization to implement the proposed new technology.

Business requirements
To operate more effectively, an organization must address its many needs, or business requirements. Business requirements can take many different forms. For example, an organization might need to:

·         Become more efficient. Most businesses are very competitive, and strive to be more efficient than their competitors are. When evaluating new technologies, these organizations typically will invest in the technology that will improve their efficiency.
·         Meet an external requirement. Forces outside an organization, such as government or business partners, might impose requirements. For example, government regulations might require archival of certain email for a specified time, or business partners might enforce specific security requirements for email communication between locations.
·         Avoid disruptions to business processes. A current technology might meet most business requirements. However, if the current technology is unreliable, an organization might invest in a new technology that provides the requisite reliability and availability.
·         Explore new business areas or solutions. Organizations sometimes use technologies to pursue new business opportunities. For example, deploying web-based tools for selling products and services has significantly increased the business potential for many organizations.

Importance of business requirements
A technology deployment is more likely to address an organization’s needs if business requirements are defined clearly and concisely at the project’s inception. Additionally, it is easier to measure a project’s success if the project team is aware of the business requirements that the project must meet.

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