Friday, 2 December 2016

Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017

Microsoft Ignite. Just who is it for?

Technically speaking, Microsoft Ignite Australia is for techies. We’re talking Developers and IT Pros. It’s also for anyone who works with people who work with technology. But look a little deeper and delegates have so much more in common.

You’re obsessed by technology and what it can achieve. You’re looking for new ways of doing things faster, smarter and better. You want to share ideas and connect. And you want to challenge Microsoft to continue to push for greater innovation.

Knowledge on tap. Drink deep.

Test drive technology in a hands-on learning environment that engages, excites and educates. Learn from leaders who’ve seen it all, challenged the industry and conquered the impossible. Arm yourself with practical tactics by working directly industry greats.
See how others are using our technologies to conquer impossible challenges. Showcase your own victories. Spark fresh ideas of your own.

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