Friday, 9 December 2016

Site Recovery Manager VS Backup

The difference between Azure back up and Site recovery is as below

Site Recovery manager  : The feature addition allows companies to protect its on-premises, heterogeneous systems.

Built on the technology obtained as part of the In Mage Systems acquisition, advantages include:

  • Protection of physical Windows or Linux servers.
  • Simple replication, failover, and recovery using the Azure Site Recovery portal.
  • Data replication over the Internet, a site-to-site VPN connection, or over Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Failback (restore) from Azure to an on-premises VMWare infrastructure.
  • Simplified discovery of VMWare virtual machines.
  • Multi VM consistency so that virtual machines and physical servers running specific workloads can be recovered together to a consistent data point.
  • Recovery plans for simplified failover and recovery of workloads tiered over multiple machines.

Azure back up : It is a Simplified backing up and protecting on-premises systems, offering full and constant backup in three steps:

  • Discover resources
  • Install the extension
  • Set the backup and retention policy

In addition to simplifying the backup process, Azure Backup also follows the example of the past offering backup monitoring and reporting and restores from any recovery point.

Now if the requirement is Backup plan: we want to restore minimum last 30 days per day 1 backup, then you go with the backup Option.

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